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Base4Innovation Secures 230k Oxford Technology ECF and 100k from Advantage West Midlands

Base 4 InnovationBase4 Innovation (DNA sequencing) has now competed the investment from Oxford Technology ECF (230k) and the grant from AWM (100k).

Base4Innovation continues to grow from strength to strength and is making swift progress in the lab. Watch this space for further developments as and when they happen.

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New uses for old drugs

Tangent ReprofilingNew uses for old drugs A method for discovering entirely new career paths for existing clinical drugs is being exploited by start-up company Tangent Reprofiling Ltd., following a deal just signed between the company, PepTcell Limited, the University of Warwick and Warwick spin-out company a2sp Ltd.

The technique, developed at the University of Warwick, enables researchers to investigate potential new uses for drugs which are already approved for clinical use.

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Precious metal could lead to next generation of cancer treatments

A precious metal which has never before been used in a clinical setting is being developed as an anti-cancer agent by Warwick researchers.

The metal, osmium, is closely related to platinum, which is widely used to treat cancers in the form of the drug cisplatin. Most famously, the cyclist Lance Armstrong was treated with cisplatin for testicular cancer.

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Successes for Warwick Projects in the First round of Advantage Proof of Concept

Advantage Proof of Concept Back in Newsletter 008 we mentioned the launch of the AWM Proof of Concept Fund, "APoC" - a project to issue grant funding to support the development and commercialisation of innovation in the West Midlands.

Recently, APoC has made it's first awards and we're prouud to report that Warwick projects have done very wellm ammassing a total of over £144k

Project £ grant
Warwick Warp 30,000
Vizeye 30,000
Warwick Aircon 27,000
Warwick Microelectrodes 22,500
Virabiotech 20,250
Warwick Organic Photovoltaics 15,000
TOTAL 144,750

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Innovators apply game face with help from 5.8m fund

Warwick Warp A fledgling university spin-out enterprise which specialises in facial mapping technology has the gaming industry in its sights after becoming one of the first firms to benefit from a new fund to support innovation and product development in the West Midlands.

Expert image analysts Warwick Warp, based at the Venture Centre on Sir William Lyons Road in Coventry, have received a 30,000 grant through the new 5.8 million Advantage Concept Fund, to help develop a new application of biometric algorithms to rapidly map and render 3D models of players for computer games and Internet applications using webcams.

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Connect Midlands - "Right Funds for You"

Hilton Hotel Coventry, Coventry

  Grant, Debt , Business Angels, or Venture Capital finance? Which is right for you? What is the funder really looking for?



Connect Midlands - "Amber Workshop"

Hilton Hotel - Birmingham Metropole

  This one day Amber workshop is aimed at early stage businesses - particularly those seeking seed, start-up or early stage funding.

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In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners or licensing opportunities for our spin-offs. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies or perhaps you know somebody else who is?

Mushroom Casing

Compost Additives
Mushroom casing: We have patents for improving the quality of mushrooms by using of waste products from coal mining and sand quarrying in mushroom casing. This reduces the use of environmentally sensitive peat, diverts waste materials from landfill (saving disposal costs), and in countries where there are no peat reserves, the new casing material will be cheaper. Compost Additives: Waste-into-Rooting-Media (WIRM). Our academic already has a UK patent for using waste material from coal mining and sand quarrying to replace peat in mushroom casing. WIRM is a separate project mostly funded from Landfill tax credits looking at using other waste materials in growing media in horticulture.

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