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Two Warwick Spin-outs Secure Further Funding

Opscape Ltd and Warwick Warp have both secured undisclosed sums from Mercia Technology Seed Fund and Synergis Technologiesis respectfully. Ospcape is busy developing data visualisation software that enables managers to spot patterns and anomalies in large volumes of complex, rapidly changing data. Its unique representation allows users to see how key performance indicators change over time and highlights which elements need priority attention. Meanwhile, Warwick Warp has developed the first phase of a unique software-based fingerprint identification system which is substantially more accurate than those currently available.


AWM Proof of Concept Fund to Launch in August '08

warwick warpIn May 2008 the University of Warwick Science Park along with Connect Midlands, Wolverhampton University, Staffordshire BIC and Malvern Hills Science Park became the approved bidder to manage the Advantage Proof of Concept Fund on behalf of Advantage West Midlands, (AWM).

The successful consortium is now submitting a full application to Advantage West Midlands for the fund which must pass through appropriate scrutiny at the Agency before formal approval, with an anticipated launch date for the grant fund in August/September 2008.

It is the intention that the Advantage Proof of Concept Fund will provide grants of up to £30k representing 75% of external project costs, to SMEs or potential SMEs, primarily in the following areas:
  • Market Assessment
  • IPR Protection of innovative ideas
  • Outline Business Planning
  • Basic Prototyping
  • Limited Management support to establish whether the business concept could be commercially exploitable
Grants will be available across the West Midlands and will cover all sectors, although it is anticipated that many applications will fall naturally into the five key technology areas identified by the Innovation and Technology Council (advanced materials, healthcare technologies, energy, transportation technologies and digital media).

Please continue to visit the website,, for further updates on the fund the application procedure and the timetable for launch.

Novel DNA Sequencing technology attracts high-profile interest

rapid DNA sequencing technologyBase4innovation Ltd was formed in 2007 with support from the University of Warwick with the aim of developing a new high-speed, low-cost method of DNA sequencing combining well-known techniques such as single-photon detection, fluorescent labelling and DNA electrophoresis
with plasmonic nanostructures and cutting-edge
methods of nanofabrication.

To sequence the six billion bases in a human genome in a matter of hours or even minutes using a direct read method requires a system capable of staggeringly fast detection at sub-nanometer resolution. Our solution combines an extremely rapid detection system based on well-known technology with an innovative method for providing sub-nanometer resolution.

A platform for DNA sequencing using this method will comprise an array of nanostructures - each capable of detecting up to one million bases per second- combined with a shotgun sequence assembly approach to reconstructing the completed sequence. Given the inherent speed of our system, the sequencing of a human genome could be accomplished in a matter of hours and, requiring only low-cost consumables, has an expected cost of less than $500 USD per genome.

In recent weeks Base4Innovation has been talking to three top-tier investment firms, and we're confident we'll have some good news to report in the next newsletter.


Sarissa Biomedical Announces new Trade Partner

sarissa biomedicalSarissa Biomedical is very pleased to have signed a new collaborative working agreement with Pinnacle Technology Inc. which will see the very best of the two companies's skill sets in force. Pinnacle is a significant manufacturer and re-reseller of biosensors around the globe, and a maker of instrumentation for behavioural recordings from freely moving rodents. The company is pleased to able to acccess Sarissa's patented coating technology. Sarissa Biomedical's founder, Prof. Nick Dale commented:

"With our coating expertise, we're very confident we can add value to Pinnacle Techology's biosensor portfolio. In return, we will gain much wider access to new markets in which we can showcase our own biosensor products... I've known Donna [Johnson] - the President of Pinnacle Technology - for a while now, and although the agreement took a while to formulate, we both think it was worth the wait. We are both very excited about the future for both our respective businesses." Prof. Nick Dale, Founder, Sarissa Biomedical Ltd
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Connect Midlands - Springboard

Rootes Building, Warwick University Campus

connect midlands
Connect Midland's "Springboard" is a half-day showcase with lunch where the most exciting investment-ready technology enterprises will present to investors, high net worth individuals and professionals, who are experienced at brokering corporate finance deals.

15 pre-screened developing technology companies will pitch for 1st stage investment of up to 500k. Each company is given eight minutes to present their product offering, business model and to demonstrate how they can return a profit for investors in the audience.

Following each round of presentations, investors and companies will have ample time to network at exhibition stands and over lunch. Further information about this event is available at

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In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners or licensing opportunities for our spin-offs. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies or maybe you know somebody else who is?

In-mould painting of polymers

Novel Air-Conditioning

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