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  1. Happy Birthday Warwick Ventures... Aged 5!
  2. Warwick Plant Genomic Libraries launches at HRI
  3. Incentec raises £100k investment funding
  4. Spinner Success Celebration
  5. Next Connect Springboard event in July, companies wanted
  6. Prof Haddleton is RSC Entrepreneur of the Year

Happy Birthday Warwick Ventures... Aged 5!

Warwick Ventures celebrated its 5th birthday back in April. To date we have helped reap the rewards of, what is currently today, a £85 million annual research spend by setting ourselves challenging targets set to increase the level of technology transfer activity, with the intention of creating at least 6 new spin-off companies a year. To date over 20 companies are already trading and Warwick Ventures has an excellent portfolio of more than 90 patents and patent applications, many of which are licensed to companies in the UK, Europe and the US. We are also proud to play a significant role in a number of different programmes which operate under our auspices, many of which involve partnerships with regional universities, which have included Connect Midlands, InvoRed, the Enterprise Fellowship Scheme, Spinner, and the Medici Programme. Here's wishing ourselves another succesful 5 yrs of economic and social success!

Warwick Plant Genomic Libraries launches at HRI

Warwick Plant Genomic Libraries, a new spin-out company from Warwick HRI, was officially launched on Monday 25th April. The company was founded by two Warwick HRI scientists, Mr Ken Manning and Dr Graham Seymour.

The company founders are utilising their extensive expertise and experience in plant research to produces genomic libraries for plants that can be used for genomics research and development within research organisations and companies. Their current range of 20 genomic libraries includes those of economically important plants such as Banana, Coffee, Grape and Strawberry but also plants of medicinal importance such as Catharanthus, Ginseng and Yew. In addition, they will prepare new libraries to order. Their plan is to extend their range of available genomic libraries to around 200 within the next five years.

The libraries offer particular advantages for research scientists, such as having a large average DNA insert size (around 40 kb) and being unbiased towards specific sequences, thus improving the reliability for genome assessment.

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Incentec raises £100k investment funding

Incentec Ltd, a University of Warwick spin-out company emanating from the Department of Biological Sciences, has secured £150,000 of seed capital funding from the Mercia Fund and Spinner Matched Investment Fund. Incentec are currently involved in developing a diagnostic kit for pre-eclampsia, a disorder of the placenta during pregnancy, amongst a number of other womens' health-related products. The funds will allow Incentec to develop the existing, patented technology and employ a post-doctoral scientist for one year.

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Spinner Success Celebration

Spinner is now just over three years old, and is succeeding in its objective of increasing the number of exciting new spin-off companies from the eight universities of the West Midlands region. The eight universities conduct over £200 million worth of research into medicine, biology, engineering, chemistry and many other topics, yet until recently, this wealth of research was not being fully exploited to the benefit of the West Midlands region and the UK as a whole. Since 2002, Spinner supported almost 200 new exploitation projects, each of which was a potential new spin-off company exploiting a new technology So far 51 of these projects' have become a spin-off company, which is well on our way to our target.

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Springboard - (businesses seeking up to £500k) - 7th July

    Our Partner, Connect Midlands
Held over a single day, Springboard is the perfect event for entrepreneurs and inventors of early-stage companies to showcase their innovations and discuss their proposals. This exciting opportunity includes an informal ten-minute presentation to a carefully selected audience of investors and business advisors ideally placed to help you kick-start your business. more >>

Prof Haddleton is RSC Entrepreneur of the Year

David Haddleton, chemistry professor at Warwick University, has won the 2004 Chemistry World Entrepreneur of the year award. The prize recognises an individual’s contribution to the commercialisation of research in the chemical sciences. Haddleton is the founder of Warwick Effect Polymers (WEP), which specialises in the design and development of polymers with specific properties (aka ‘designer polymers’), utilising living radical polymerisation techniques. Since WEP’s initial launch as a university funded venture in April 2001, the company has rapidly expanded and now operates independently. When he started the company Haddleton held all the senior management positions; he has since stepped back and now employs a full-time chief executive officer. more >>

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Thu 1st

Connect Midlands - Springboard

Leicester City Football Club

connect midlands
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::: Invest / Collaborate :::

In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners for our spin-offs and licensing opportunities. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies, or do you know somebody else who is?...


gadametricGadametric is a spin-off company from the Department of Biological Sciences, and was incorporated in July 2004. The company was founded by two scientists: Professor Andrew Easton and Dr Anthony Marriott. Recently Dr Sam Hardy (formerly a Medici Fellow at the University of Warwick) has been taken on as Chief Executive Officer. Gadametric has developed a drug discovery platform to help isolate novel, patentable antiviral compounds, and a patent has been filed to obtain worldwide protection of the intellectual property. At present they are looking for investment of £.5m, and have recently presented at the Biocentral investment event held at Biocity in Nottingham on 28th April 2005.

If you are keen to learn more about this young company at this important stage in their development please contact Dr. Samuel Hardy at our offices.

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Our Partner, Mercia Biotech
Our Partner, Spinner
Our Partner, EFS Our Partner, WIN Our Partner, Invored Our Partner, Connect Midlands
Our Partner, Midlands Medici
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