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Warwick Ventures on the Move!

    Along with a number of other university departments, we have moved to Univeristy House - formerly National Grid's headquarters. Click here for our new location map and be sure to make a note of our new address and main contact telephone number:

    Warwick Ventures
    University House
    Kirby Corner Road
    CV4 8UW

    Tel: 02476 573 750
    Fax: 02476 575 507

    Please note Connect Midlands, InvoRed, and EFS still reside at University of Warwick Science Park, UWSP

AdvanceSis: 3rd place at Cambridge Enterprise Competition

    Warwick Ventures' latest Spin-Out, AdvanceSis Ltd, came a highly commendable 3rd out of 120 entrants in this year's Cambridge Enterprise Conference.

    'This is the second time that a spin-out from the University of Warwick has been represented at the Cambridge Enterprise Conference,' said Dr. Robin Godfrey, CEO of Coventry-based AdvanceSiS. 'Although we couldn't repeat Warwick Effect Polymer's efforts in winning the competition, we have received a great deal of interest and are more than happy to have made it into the top three.'

    AdvanceSiS Ltd, whose work on improving the performance of silicon chips originated in the University of Warwick's Nano-Silicon Group were established only last year and have gone from strength to strength under the direction of Dr. Godfrey and Warwick Ventures. Well done!

Lambert Review Author Visits University of Warwick

    Richard Lambert, author of the Lambert Review into Business-University Collaboration, and who afforded the Spinner project such great praise, visited the University of Warwick on Thursday 29 April.

    The Government asked Richard Lambert to examine how the long-term links between business and British universities can be strengthened to the benefit of the UKís economy. The independent review was announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in his Pre-Budget Report in November 2002 and the final review was published on 4 December 2003.

    The University of Warwick was praised in the review for its close and effective work with business and industry, it described Warwick as 'one of the most entrepreneurial universities in the country'. Extracts from the Lambert Report detailing Warwick's successes can be read in the full report at

    The Government is now developing its response to Richard Lambertís recommendations. The Government will make an initial response in spring 2004, and a comprehensive response in the Spending Review in summer 2004.

    In the meantime, The University has made a formal response to the Review which can be accessed via HM Treasury's website -

Warwick Effect Polymers secures £360,000

    Warwick Effect Polymers Ltd, (WEP), one of our most successful spin-outs, has secured £360,000 of funding with the help of The Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network, (OION), business angel network. WEP are currently involved in a hugely diverse range of activities involving the design and manufacture of bespoke polymers including innovations in in applications from hairspray and inkjet printer ink to anti-obesity drugs.

    WEP's patented "living and controlled radical polymerisation" allows the production of complex polymers under greater control than the conventional polymerisation techniques used in most laboratories. WEP is positioning itself as a provider of polymerisation technology to the Bioscience and Materials sectors.

    Professor Haddleton praised the role played by The Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network (OION) in matching him with investors:

    "Warwick Ventures, the technology transfer arm of The University of Warwick, put us in touch with OION. We made a pitch at an OION presentation meeting and raised £180k funding directly through OION's investors. This initial success had a knock-on effect as it quickly enabled Warwick Effect to attract a further £180k, from the Mercia Fund and one of our current shareholders, who were enthused by OION's investors. We have used the finance to fund the move to our own laboratory on the Warwick University Science Park which is now fully equipped and operational as a state-of-the-art facility."

    Alastair Cavanagh, Manager of OION, said:

    "The Oxfordshire Investment Opportunity Network (OION) specialises in helping innovative technology companies to raise finance of up to £1M to develop into profitable businesses. As is the case with Warwick Effect Polymers, the companies are often university spin-outs and OION is uniquely positioned to help them. OION holds regular joint presentation meetings and has strong links with universities that have a reputation for spinning out quality technology companies. Our investors were attracted to invest in Warwick Effect because its technology offers a wide range of potential applications to customers in many different market sectors."

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::: Events Calendar :::







Fri 4th

Midlands Medici Recruitment Seminar

Chancellors Suite,
Rootes Building,
Warwick University

midlands medici


Thu 1st

Connect Midlands - Springboard

Midlands Conference Centre

connect midlands
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::: Invest / Collaborate :::

In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners for our spin-offs and licensing opportunities. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies, or do you know somebody else who is?...


    incentecIncentec was incorporated in April 2004 and was formed on initial proof of concept work from the Biological sciences Department. The team behind the company have identified the key protein markers required for a diagnostic test for pre-eclampsia which will hopefully revolutionise the diagnosis of the disease. This test is a totally new innovation and all intellectual property has been protected on a worldwide basis.

    PPre-eclampsia is a disorder caused by the placenta that occurs during pregnancy and affects both mother and unborn baby. Affecting at least 10% of all pregnancies, its is a rapidly progressive condition. Mothers at risk are admitted to hospital for periods of up to ten days for further tests and treatment. This is expensive and time consuming and in many cases not necessary. The statistics relating to pre-eclampsia show estimates of the disease costing $7 billion in the USA alone. Well over 350,000 lives in the USA are affected by the disease state of pre-elampsia, it is evident that the development of a diagnostic test for the quick detection of the disease would be extremely beneficial to the patient and would generate considerable savings for health care providers. The first two years will encompass the production of a prototype test with all trials and regulatory processes included. Although a time consuming process this will meet all regulatory requirements and ready for diagnostic sales in Year 3. Conservative penetration into the UK hospital sector will result in the company breaking even in Year 4/5. Considerable growth will be seen in years 6/7 with European and US penetration.

    If you are keen to learn more about this young company at this important stage in their development please contact Dr. Sanjeev Gogna at our offices.

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::: Partner Programmes :::
Our Partner, Mercia Biotech
Our Partner, Spinner
Our Partner, EFS Our Partner, WIN Our Partner, Invored Our Partner, Connect Midlands
Our Partner, Midlands Medici
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