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Warwick Spin-Out wins Lord Stafford Award 2003...

Streamline Computing logoStreamline Computing have won Best University Spin Out in this year's Lord Stafford Awards. Streamline spun-out from the University of Warwick in December 2000 and remain nearby at the Warwick Innovation Centre. In that time they have gone from strength to strength in a niche market specialising in high performance cluster and grid computing in commercial, research and academic institutions. We want to congratulate them on their success and wish them all the best for the future!

Warwick Ventures working with Horticulture Research International (HRI)...
    Warwick Ventures is currently working with Horticulture Research International (HRI) to manage the impressive Intellectual Property portfolio ahead of the planned merger with the University of Warwick in April 2004. Included among the ongoing projects are a number of existing licenses, several technologies soon to be licensed and at least one innovative spin-out company.

    The potential spin-out company, Agarico Ltd. (see below), made its first presentation to potential investors at the prestigious Connect Midlands Investment Conference yesterday, (19th November), and will also present at OION in Oxford on the 25th November 2003.

Warwick Ventures welcomes Dr. John Mihell to the team...

    Dr. Mihell joins us as our new Business Development Manager. Having gained his B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Southampton he worked as a development chemist for a small electronics company. He then returned to Southampton to read for a Ph.D in thick-film sensor technology after which John started work as a business consultant for KPMG, subsequently transferring into KPMG's transaction services group. In 2000, after three years at KPMG, John took up a role as investment executive for a European Acquisition Capital, a mid-market private equity investment company. Welcome John!

InvoRed secures new Regional Manager for their East Midlands Operation...

    InvoRed is pleased to announce John Griffiths as the new Regional Manager for InvoRed East. John's background is in material sciences for which he gained his PhD in the mid-1970's Since then John has had a very succesful career - most recently working as a Managing Director for Griffiths Consulting UK Ltd.

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::: Events Calendar :::







Wed 3rd

BBSRC IP Workshop

Chancellors Suite,
Rootes Building,
Warwick University

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Sun 7th
- Tues 9th

UNICO Conference


unico logo
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::: Invest / Collaborate :::

In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners for our spin-offs and licensing opportunities. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies, or do you know somebody else who is?...

    "Agarico"- High Value Proteins

    agarico logoAgarico Ltd was founded in 2002 by Horticulture Research International (HRI), There are huge global markets for proteins with therapeutic and industrial uses, including pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes and catalysts, which could all be manufactured in mushrooms using the patent-protected Agarico technology. In particular, there is considerable potential for manufacturing therapeutic proteins, 'biologics', where dramatic growth in market demand has led to pressure on capacity. Conventional manufacturing in fermenters is extremely capital-intensive, with long lead times and high production costs. Alternatives have been sought, including transgenic plants and animals, but all suffer critical disadvantages which have been barriers to commercial uptake. In contrast, mushrooms are high-yielding, safe and contained, and production facilities can be constructed at modest cost. Agarico has also recently been awarded interim funding from the local organisation, Spinner.

    Agarico's core technologies are (1) changing mushroom strains to generate high value proteins, and (2) the commercial production of those proteins from harvested mushrooms. The modified mushroom strains are created using Agarico's patent-protected molecular tools and the skills and know-how specific to mushroom molecular biology. Commercial production protocols are codified in The Agarico Process™, which will be used as the basis for quality assurance and regulatory compliance. Agarico is in discussion with prospective customers, which at the next stage, would lead to customised development of the process for each protein application.

    If you are keen to learn more about this young company at this important stage in their development please contact Dr. Sanjeev Gogna at our offices.
    "Visionary Worlds"- Virtual Reality (VR) modelling

    Visionary Worlds is a new business, spinning off from existing activities at E-Lab and Theatre Studies at the University of Warwick, looking to exploit the demand for virtual reality (VR) modelling of cultural heritage sites and similar modelling work. The particular expertise of Visionary Worlds is the considerable experience of its staff, namely Mr Drew Baker and Mr Martin Blazeby, in using multimedia technology to create accurate VR models of buildings, ancient and modern.

    Three dimensional computer models of historical sites can be created at a fraction of the time and cost of physical models. They are also more informative than the traditionally used two-dimensional computer images. The VR model allows teachers, students, researchers, tourists and the general public to view the site from any angle, explore the way in which space would have been used, how it evolved over time, what the acoustics would have been like, the lighting and shadows. Visionary Worlds will provide a complete package of services targeting cultural heritage, educational and historical documentary markets.

    If you are keen to learn more about this young company at this important stage in their development please contact Dr. Ederyn Williams at our offices.

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::: Partner Programmes :::
Our Partner, Mercia Biotech
Our Partner, Spinner
Our Partner, EFS * Our Partner, Invored Our Partner, Connect Midlands
Our Partner, Midlands Medici
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    About Us Warwick Ventures is the technology transfer office at the University of Warwick. We exist to commercialise the world class research emanating from the university and in doing so, help establish successful, sustainable, and profitable companies with a 3-way profit share between the university, the founding academic, and their department.

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