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Dear Reader,

ederyn williamsWith the relative peace and quiet that comes of a university vacation, we at Warwick Ventures have finally managed to find time to launch our long-planned newsletter!

Each month we will bring you details of what we call our 'COAPs' - preliminary reports on the latest potential business opportunities borne of the top-level research currently going on within the University of Warwick.

A COAP is the most embryonic stage of a spin-out company or licensing opportunity. If you've got this newsletter, you'll be the first to see what could be the next big investment opportunity to emerge from the University.

Also, the latest news about our existing projects will be included, along with events, and training and job opportunities.

I hope you will appreciate that because it is our first issue, we have had to be reasonably presumptious as to who will want to recieve it. If you do not, please accept our apologies and simply click here to remove yourself from our mailing list.

For those who do wish to continue receiving this, we hope you find it useful and informative. Feel free to forward this to colleauges who can sign-up here. If there's something you think we should change, or if you've got some interesting news that you feel our readers would benefit from please tell us and we'll do our best to get it in the next issue.

kind regards,

Dr. Ederyn Williams

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  1. News
  2. This month's COAPs
  3. Events Calendar
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::: News :::

    The Duke of York launches "InvoRed"

    During a visit to the British Midlands - part of a series of events designed to improve inward investment into the area - The Duke of York called into see several Warwick Ventures Spin-outs including Lord Stafford Award winners, Dig-ePrint, and Cambridge Enterprise Conference winners, Warwick Effect Polymers, and Theatron - all representative of the fascinating and diverse technologies the University of Warwick has to offer.

    He was also here to launch Connect Midlands' recent venture for early stage companies, InvoRed. This important new programme is designed to help plug the equity gap for small and medium sized enterprises in the Objective 2 areas of the East and West Midlands. Run by Connect Midlands, InvoRed is an innovative new programme that addresses a fundamental need in the region to support the investment readiness of technology SMEs ranging from pre-incorporation to second and third stage funding. Click here to learn more about how InvoRed can help entrepreneurs and investors in the Midlands region.

    "You say goodbye and I say hello..."

    These last few months have seen a number of staff changes at Warwick Ventures. Denise Curnow has left to return to her native Australia and David Saunders has left us to join the Institute of Animal Health where he will continue his work in forming spin-out companies. Their energy, generosity, and experience will be missed in the Ventures office. We all wish them the very best of luck.

    We also lament the loss to Warwick Ventures of Dr. Jamie Unwin. As one of the inaugural Medici intake, Jamie leaves Warwick Ventures to join the Bridgehead Pharmalicensing Group as a member of their technology transfer team. Glad to see he's carrying on the good work!
    But as one door closes another opens, and we welcome Mark Wareing to the team. With a 1st Class Honours BSc in Applied Biology, an MSc in Biopharmacy and a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry allied to an MBA from Warwick Business School, Mark has worked for a variety of scientific, electronic and business services companies in the UK, USA and Far East. He joins Warwick Ventures as a consultant after having run his own consultancy specialising in establishing new businesses, growing and building existing operations and providing interim business leadership for turning around the underperformance of specialist technology and service based companies.

    We're also delighted to announce that another of our first Medici Fellows, Dr. Sanjeev Gogna, has joined the WV team as a business development manager and Medici Programme Manager.

    He'll be in charge of the new cohort of 6 Medici Fellows which started this week. More news on their progress later in the year...

    Are you looking for 3.5m?

    Thought as much, but so are a lot of young technology companies. One of the ways you will increase your chances is by applying to present at this year's Connect Midlands' Investment Conference to be held on 19th November. This is a programme run out of the Warwick Ventures offices but is not limited to university spin-outs. Any technology company within the Midlands Region can apply. Applications have already opened and the valuable mentoring support that you will receive in preparation begins in mid-September so get your applications in soon! Click here for information and to download an enquiry form.

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::: COAPs :::

# 03015: Bridge Design Software
    Borne from our Engineering dept., Dr. Wanda Lewis has designed a piece of software which could help Bridge designers save vast amounts of money in time and materials in the construction of suspension bridges. She calculates up to a 7% saving in materials and also the time it takes to rectify incorrectly specified bridge designs. We're currently looking at organising a presentation evening and focus group event for bridge designers and specialist building contractors. Anybody who has any useful contacts, please invite them to contact Chris Buck at our office.
# 03016: Convertible Car Canvas Roof Modelling & Pattern Cutting Software
    Again, from our Engineering deptartment, we have a project that was borne of a joint-research project with Jaguar Cars. It is a piece of software which models cutting patterns for soft-top convertible car roofs, yet which has applications further afield in such areas as sailing yacht design, and architectural uses. Anybody with an interest in this technology should contact Tom Harris at our office.

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::: Events Calendar :::


Who / How



HEFCE HEIF 2 Consultation Document

click here to register!

IMC Building, University of Warwick

Aug. 6th

Enterprise Workshop

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Oak Tree Conference Centre, Coventry

Sep. 10th

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::: Invest / Collaborate :::

In this section we ask for your help in identifying potential partners for our spin-offs and licensing opportunities. Maybe you are interested in collaborating with one of our companies or have a contact that might. We look forward to hearing from you. Please reply with your advice to

    1. Warwick Audio Technologies are seeking 20k match funding against a SMART award.

    Warwick Audio Technologies are building flat and flexible speakers. Potential applications include anything from laptops to mobile phones to car interiors. If you are keen to get involved with this very young company at this important stage in their development please contact David Calvert at our offices.

    2. TheraPro Systems are also applying for a SMART award and are interested in investment and collaboration from leading healthcare manufacturers/ distributors to help assist with their monitoring devices desinged to compact blood pressure measure in order to deliver an accurate reading that takes account of stress levels. If you are keen to get involved with this very young company at this important stage in their development please contact Robin Godfey at our offices.

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::: Partner Programmes :::
Our Partner, Mercia Biotech
Our Partner, Spinner
Our Partner, EFS * Our Partner, Invored Our Partner, Connect Midlands
Our Partner, Midlands Medici
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